OFSY ERP Mobile and Analytics OFSY ERP Mobile and Analytics

OFSY instances that are used by Customers, maybe limited to access and service levels, including modules:
  • Marketing
  • Support
  • Sales Force Automation - SFA
  • Personnel
  • Payroll
  • Accounts
  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • Production
  • Education Adminstration System
OFSY on the Cloud:  
  The demonstration instance can be accessed at:
  Both username and password are user1
OFSY ERP Mobile  
  Get it on Google Play
  Documentation: Visit Getting Started
  Activation URL: m.ofsy.net
  Port: 8001
  eMail: user1@ofsy.net
  Password user1
  Server URL: demo.ofsy.net
  UserName: user1
  Password: user1
OFSY Analytics:  
  Get it on Google Play
Mandatory: OFSY Analytics is required for all reporting,
charts, email and printing